How to Install Motocross Graphics

Sketched about applying your new graphics? Don't be! Wacker's installed more kits than he can count, and in this video he walks us through the process.

  1. Always begin by cleaning the plastics, even if they’re new. New plastics sometimes have an oily film left over from the molding process, which can prevent the adhesive from working as well as it should. A dab of rubbing alcohol and a clean shop towel work great to remove any dirt or grime.
  2. When you are ready to begin the install, line up two points of the graphics to the plastic and lightly press them down. Don’t press too hard, you want the graphics to stick just enough to stay put, but not enough to fully compress the adhesive at this point. Use sharp body lines and bolt holes as a way to make sure you are laying them down properly. You can also tear the adhesive backing off in pieces to have an easier segment to work with.
  3. If things aren’t aligned correctly, gently pull it back and start over. As long as your plastics are clean, this won’t damage anything!
  4. Once the piece is aligned correctly, press the graphics on firmly. Working from the center out, move your hands or a small squeegee along the graphics to push the air out to the edge. Our materials have built in air channels to guide air out, preventing air bubbles when applied properly. Move slowly and take your time. Don’t be afraid to pull back small areas to remove air pockets and apply it a second time.
  5. Be aware that plastics can vary slightly, so don’t be scared to trim off edges if they hang over corners.
  6. Repeat for each of the rest of the pieces and your new kit is ready to rip!