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ERA Moto ERA Design Lab

Congrats 🍻

Congrats and thank you! We reviewed your application and would like to extend an offer. The details are below. If everything sounds good, click the button below to accept and get your discount code.

ERA Moto Sponsored Rider Contract

Congratulations! ERA Moto wants to provide you, XXX (referred to as Sponsored Athlete), with sponsorship for one calendar year beginning no later than January 1, 2023.

As a Sponsored Athlete, you'll receive:

  • XXX

** Includes most every product, with the exception of reprints, which are already discounted.

What we ask of you

In consideration of the above, Sponsored Athlete agrees to:

  1. Promote ERA Moto in person.
    Sponsored Athlete agrees to promote the ERA Moto brand through the use of:
    • ERA Moto products on all bikes
    • Prominent display of the ERA Moto logo on the bike and helmet
    • Listing and mentioning ERA Moto as an official sponsor whenever possible.
  2. Promote ERA Moto on social media.
    Sponsored Athlete agrees to tag or mention @eramotoco in social media posts following every relevant race/event or at least 1 time per week when not competing.
  3. Use only ERA Moto products.
    Sponsored Athlete agrees to not use or endorse any brand that competes with ERA Moto in the graphics or sticker markets for the duration of this agreement.
  4. Continue to do cool stuff.
    Sponsored Athlete agrees to actively participate in competitions and/or events as represented to ERA Moto in their sponsorship application.
  5. Don't blame us for anything.
    Sponsored Athlete agrees to acknowledge that their participation in any activity or event is purely voluntary and agrees to absolve ERA Moto of liability or responsibility of any kind including any passive or active negligence.

Ordering Guidelines

Sponsored Athlete will be given a code to be used on the ERA Moto website to receive their discount. Athletes are permitted to order a limited number of products as gifts for friends and family. All orders will take place through the website.

Termination of Agreement

A Sponsored Athlete is an ambassador of the ERA Moto brand and will be required to maintain a "clean" and "professional" image at any and all events. Failure to do so or participation in any conduct deemed by ERA Moto to be of poor character may result in termination. ERA Moto reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time and for any reason with 30-days written notice.

By clicking the button below, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms above.

Welcome Aboard!

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